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Quarter I / 2017 Performance: NRW Reduction Target Still 2 Digits.

The first quarter (Q1 / 1) performance of drinking water operators Jakarta, PALYJA and Aetra still did not meet the 2017 annual target. For Jakarta overall, the Non Revenue Water (NRW) gap between the 2017 target and the 1st Quarter results is still At double digits, ie 14.20%. The 1st Quarter result is 48.15% while the 2017 target is 33.75%. The NRW condition for Q12017 is also higher than the same period in 2016 ...

Kegiatan BRPAM

Aetra Ready to Serve the Makasar Urban Village of East Jakarta

Communities need to be given knowledge of the importance of well water quality testing and septic tank forms that are safe for the environment and water sources. The use of piped water from proven and reliable sources should be increased, in addition to quality and health assurance ... Baca Selengkapnya  

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